Prayer Ministries

Mission Statement

Grace Point is committed to becoming a prayer-centered, Christ-centered church by encouraging and nurturing an active prayer life within the local church community.

Definition of Prayer

Prayer is so simple...It is like quietly opening the door And slipping into the presence of God, There in the stillness, to listen to His voice Perhaps to petition, or only to listen, It matters not, just to be there in His Presence is PRAYER.

Why Pray?

Prayer is communication with God. What a privilege it is to talk with Almighty God and know He hears you. Prayer is essential in developing a close relationship with God.

God deserves our time and attention. He is worthy of all our praise. Set aside a special time to focus completely on the Lord, praising Him for who He is. You will be blessed by His presence and
guidance in your life. You will begin to trust Him as you see how He is working in your life and answering your prayers.

Corporate Prayer Opportunities

  • Prayer Corner
    Check out our corner in the Sunday bulletin for updates on praises, requests and answers to prayer.

  • Sunday Morning Prayer
    We meet each Sunday morning before the Worship Service at 8am in room 103 as we prepare to begin our weekly worship.

  • Prayer Chain
    Share your praises and prayer requests through e-mail or telephone prayer chain, where church members will lift you up in prayer. You do not have to go through your journey alone. We want to support you in difficult times and rejoice with you in the good times.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Ann Mitchell facilitates the prayer shawl ministry.  The goal of this ministry is to create shawl that can be given to folks in times of need.  If you are interested in being a part of this brand new ministry at Grace Point be sure to see Ann Mitchell.

Prayer Action Team (P.A.T.) 

Prayer Team Leader:
Gordon Miller

First Responders:
Join a team of prayer partners who will 
be available

to pray 24/7 as needed. This ministry is done

through text messaging.

Submit Prayer Chain Requests by email or phone: