What We Believe

As you open our website, you will see the words "Christ Centered, Spirit Led, and Faith Driven," appear at the top. It is the foundation of our Belief Statement. Essentially, what we understand to be the truth that God has given to us and the ideas He has led us to in the process of desiring His direction above all others.

Christ Centered:

Jesus Christ came to save us because of Love. He Loved Us! He is the embodiment of Love. Outside of Him and His presence, we are without Love. We are without a chance. And, we are without a truly effective ability to accomplish the spreading of that very thing: His Love. It is the most important message the world could possibly ever hear: Jesus Loves Them! Therefore, without Jesus being the absolute center of what we are doing, Grace Point Church of the Nazarene will never do the job we are called to do. And that would be a terrible crime against all those who need to know that God loves them!

So everything we do, everything we say, every action we take, is done with Christ Jesus in mind first. If it doesn't glorify Him and spread His love, we are wasting our time. In everything, Christ is the Center! Or it is forfeited and we have failed.

Spirit Led:

In the beginning, God made man. The Bible says that we are "made in the image of God." That image is not flesh and blood, but a spirit. We have a spirit. The Bible also says that God is a Spirit. It is how God talks to us. It is how He communicates with us. It is through the spirit inside of us that His Spirit "LEADS" us.

To be Spirit Led means to be listening to God's "small, still voice" guiding us to do all things in Him. Sometimes that may manifest itself in the Pastor preaching a sermon that he was not necessarily prepared to preach so that God can talk to someone. It might be a member of our church shopping at Winco and feeling the need to tell a total stranger that God loves them. It might even be the Lord telling someone that someone else in the church is about to get that dream job they have been praying for before anyone knows it.

The Spirit (often referred to as the Holy Spirit) works in many ways. He cannot be explained in a few short

paragraphs. He is best understood by experiencing Him. And allowing Him to lead.

Faith Driven:

Paul, the Apostle, said this about faith: "Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see." (Hebrews 11:1) Faith is the backbone of what we believe. We have faith that God not only exists, but that His deepest desire for us is to be His child. Not just created by Him, but to have an ongoing, increasing relationship. Without that faith, we cannot have that relationship.


The first two beliefs, Christ Centered and Spirit Led, hang on this one. Without faith, a person cannot believe in the Christ or the Spirit. Because we cannot see them. So we have a faith that is most effective because it takes us to new places the deeper we believe in the One True God.

Faith helps us continue to Love God and His creation (mankind) when things don't always seem to line up. It helps us to remain committed to God's Kingdom. Our Faith tells us that God has amazing plans for our city, Albany. That Faith tells us that we are part of the plan He has for our neighbors and loved ones. So, that Faith becomes a driving force that keeps us steady and determined to see God's Love spread to all we encounter.

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