Grace Point Men's Ministries has a once a month time of food, fellowship, worship and word.

Please join us for a time of just men and God. There is no cost whatsoever and the meal will be enough for even a big

appetite. We promise!

But most important is that we come together in God's


PLease Contact Us For More Information Concerning The Men's Ministries!

Men's Weekly Breakfast & Bible study at Elmer's Restaurant every Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m.​ We gather, we talk, we laugh, we smile, we confide, we learn...We welcome you!


There is a definitive need for Men of God in every square inch of America. Indeed, every part of the world. That need is as much for Albany as any other place on the face of the planet. That fact has not only been noticed by us as a church, but God as the Creator and Lover of Mankind. He is putting something in place that will be life and community transforming. From the lives involved, to the church involved, to the city involved. And to the World around us!

Stay tuned for the great happenings with the Men of God from Grace Point in the very near future!