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Sunday Morning - Children's Church

Bible based, age appropriate classes that allow children to learn about God in ways that make sense to them. It is a great opportunity for children to work with committed adults who are ready to teach and mentor their young classes. This is combined with inspiring and uplifting music and fun themed large group activities.


Missions Lesson - Building On Reaching The World

Once a month the children are presented a lesson filled with information about different world mission areas. This is done with a learning center approach that allows the kids to taste and touch and experience life in another culture.


Wednesday Night Gatherings

During the school year on Wednesdays the kids learn what it's like to keep Jesus a part of their lives in school, home, and with friends. They learn the Bible through memorization, stories and prayer… plus games and activities make it fun. We have three separate age group classes including kindergarten, 1st - 4th graders, and the older 5th - 6th graders. 

Fun Activities Throughout The Year

  • Summer Kick-Off Event

  • Summer Kids' Camp

  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)

  • Community Easter Egg Hunt

  • Harvest Bash & Trunk or Treat

  • Parent's Night Out/Christmas Party

  • Bethlehem Night

  • 5th & 6th Grade Monthly Events

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