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Grace Point Church of the Nazarene

Privacy Statement

Grace Point Church of the Nazarene will be henceforth referred to as the "church" or "Grace Point" or "GP." It is the intentions of this statement to explain that the desires of the church is to never, under any circumstances, mis-use information, private or public, garnered by or via this website, the churches socila media accounts, the e-mail accounts (recieved by or sent by GP), or "hard copy" forms filled in by any persons (concerning any subject, mentioned here or not) in any way, shape , or form.

  • Website Information:

All information given to Grace Point through this or any other GP owned websites is deemed to be non-public information upon reception. If something is passed to GP through one of the contact points that are scattered through out the site, it will become private information at all levels. No e-mail addresses will be used for any purpose other than said contacting. If the information is desired upon by the sender to be made or posted in a public manner, the sender must say so plainly within the e-mail or plainly within subsequent e-mails with a clear indication of the referred e-mail. GP will not sell any e-mail addresses whatsoever. For any reason.

  • Social Media:

Grace Point has exclusive rights to multiple Social Media accounts. (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) These accounts are public "business pages" and are used to promote the practices and beliefs of GP. Within those parameters, person's involved with the various churches activities are likely to have their pictures and/or videos taken. It is not the desire of GP to post public images that will cause grief or harm. If a person is seen via these activities, Grace Point does not intentionally plan for their exposure and will remove anything with that person's(s) likeness immediately. Persons involved in such should be aware. At the same time, anyone in leadership understands the parameters and will make every reasonable attempt to garner permission before the pictures and/or videos are made public. If it is possible, the church recommends that persons (child or adult) ensure they cannot be photographed or videoed upon their inclusion with any activities that it might become publicized.

  • E-mail Accounts:

Grace Point has a number of active e-mail accounts specified for the various staff members. These accounts are meant to be kept highly confidential. They, however, are used for various purposes. Each one is responsible to a singular person (except the "office" account - It is, therefore the responsibility of the sender to ensure that what is sent is clearly marked confidential in addition to our staff assuming each individual e-mail is actually confidential.

  • "Hard Copy" Printed Material

Any mailed or handed paper (or other "hard" medium) that has personal information on it will be treated as confidential until it is made apparent otherwise. The "prayer cards" handed out with your worship/bulletin folder at the beginning of services will have a place that you can mark them as confidential. It is important that you do so to ensure that only the pastoral staff is made aware for the sake of privacy.

Grace Point (Church of the Nazarene) reserves the rights and options to make changes, clarification, alterations, updates, and needed remarks to this privacy page at the discretion of the staff and leadership of the church.

Please refer all of you questions through the contact page here.

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