G.P.S. (Grace Point Sisters)
















 God Designed Us for Relationships!

G.P.S. is always the first to step up and serve for special events and needs within our church family.


Our women plan a quarterly event that is open to all women and their friends and neighbors. These events vary from a Women’s Health Night to a Christmas Cookie Exchange.

Recently our women held an auction to benefit FISH House for Pregnant Teens. We then took a portion of the funds raised and decorated the public rooms at the house and gave the rest of the money to help fund this important local ministry.

A natural spin-off from G.P.S. has been our Mom’s Club Ministry. Mom’s Club serves the mom’s with young children in our church and also outside our church family.

Our women love to bless each other throughout the year by participating in the Secret Sister program. This gives our gals an opportunity to learn a bit more about each other and also to pray for and bless each other throughout the year.

wm-pic-3The highlight for the women is always the Annual Retreat! This is a 3 day event filled with wonderful food, fun, games and outstanding speakers. Retreat is held in February at Drift Creek Camp at the beautiful Oregon Coast.

If you are interested in G.P.S. or want additional information about activities contact Debby Johnson at 541-926-5305.